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updated audrey

(Nanette Lepore slip dress, Vivenne Westwood cardigan, random black gloves, Promiscuous heels, Vivienne Westwood pearl choker, Topshop necklaces, Chanel ring)
photos by EY & MC
photo via breakfast at tiffany's
This was my take on Holly Golightly for Halloween. I attempted to imitate the classic look from the movie and the hardest part was the hair! It took a long time and NUMEROUS bobby pins to secure that updo but I was v pleased seeing as how I usually don't like having my hair up... I feel more vulnerable when it is. I'm weird right? Anyway, I watched the movie several times for research (SUCH a loser, I know) and although there are many beautiful scenes and details throughout the movie (i.e. her tassle earplugs, putting on lipstick with the mailbox mirror, her cute mannerisms, keeping her shoes in her fridge, her impeccable style, etc.) my favorite scene is the one pictured above. I just love everything! The vibrant color of the dress, the soft effects of the pillow feathers, and the open door bringing in light despite it being a tragic scene of the movie it just goes to show there's beauty even in the ugliest of times xxx


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