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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

hotel hallways.

IMG_1270 IMG_1272IMG_1271

[ Vivienne Westwood cardigan & grandmother's lace shirt ]

Here's my one outfit post from Vegas and I subconsciously emulated a little bit of Michael Jackson in there. Note the obvious white socks at my ankles. I know that the repetitive green damask wallpaper & equally dizzying carpet makes it difficult to focus on my outfit so I will try to be as descriptive as possible. So yeah, the outfit is basically all black but in order for it to feel less morbid, there's punches of whites here & there in different textures. Example: lace shirt, cotton socks, & cowhide print creepers. Plus the accessories! A chunky prism bangle and pyramid earring to add a bit of geometry to my B&W outfit. Maybe I should add a quadrilateral necklace next time... Okay, off topic. The final touch was my signature intense combover hair flip.


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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

las vegas photo diary.

IMG_1289 IMG_0717 IMG_0764 IMG_0779 IMG_0752 IMG_0778 IMG_0742 IMG_0793 IMG_0725 IMG_0796 IMG_0727 IMG_0807 IMG_0735 IMG_1249 IMG_1250 IMG_0744 IMG_1267 IMG_0818 IMG_0799 IMG_0816 IMG_1282 IMG_0800 IMG_1259 IMG_0762 IMG_0715

Photos by me and my Instagram

I know, I know. Two photo diaries in less than a week is a whole lot of photos to digest but to be fair, this one is for a different state! Went up to Vegas from LA for the new year celebration, which, to put it lightly, was very entertaining. Anyway, I definitely did not expect it to be as freaking cold as it was so I had to become very inventive with my daily wardrobe choices, layering the slim number of pieces I had in varying orders everyday. This was my second time in Vegas although it was the first time I spent winter there. Pro's of this: whatever hotel you're staying at, the pool will surely be abandoned, which makes for nice people-free photographs. Cons: So. Cold. I cannot stress this enough. Locations above include Caesars Palace, the ride in, too many tacky gift shops/casinos/hotels, and a beautiful restaurant that I cannot seem to remember the name of with an interior that looks like Papa Song's Cafe in Cloud Atlas.


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Monday, 25 February 2013

sea of spaghetti.

IMG_0932 IMG_0994 IMG_0997 IMG_0928 IMG_0935

[ Sophomore dress, Tory Burch cardigan, thrifted belt ]

Photos by Stevy Pyne

These photos were taken on my last trip to sunny LA at the LACMA. We were there to see the Stanley Kubrick exhibition that was going on and was personally reminded of how much I love the story of Lolita. If you want to get into the specifics of things, and I always do, these shots were taken at the entrance of the exhibit. I mean, it's hanging spaghetti. A photo op is just begging to happen. Anyway, so here I am rummaging in a sea of spaghetti with my super comfy Sophomore maxi dress. It's pretty bridal looking just on its own so I toned it down with my Tory B cardigan and big brown belt. Tory always knows how to make the most classiest & versatile pieces. And her fabrics are always amazing. This cardigan in particular is like, the most refined & sanded down version of wool that wool can get, making it super warm without it being too thick and suffocating.

Hope everyone enjoyed the Oscars last night!!


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Sunday, 24 February 2013

yeti glamour.

IMG_2408 IMG_2423 IMG_2409 IMG_2424IMG_2429

[ BB Dakota 'Irma' jacket, AA dress, ChloĆ© heels ]

Photos by Stevy Pyne

Neow! I feel like a pretty kitty in my faux fur wooly mammoth of a jacket that I got from my friends store, Clumsy Cat in LA! Support small local businesses y'all & go shop there on Sunset! Let's quickly forget that I just used the abbreviated form of 'you all' for the first (and last) time on this blog and focus on other aspects of my outfit. Such as these old (2007), but always relevant, ChloĆ© shoes that achieve two things: 1) have the most supple leather that wrap my feet and 2) awesomely resemble goat hooves. Going back to the jacket, I don't really need to go into too much detail about it because it's in heavy rotation for the next few blog posts. All I need to say is that this jacket has the ability to glam up any outfit, which seems ironic given that it was clearly inspired by the unglamorous abominable snowman. Funny how things work out.


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Saturday, 23 February 2013

los angeles photo diary.

IMG_0375 IMG_1065 IMG_0957 IMG_0546 IMG_0965 IMG_0888 IMG_1344 IMG_1043 IMG_1062 IMG_0899 IMG_1226 IMG_0891 IMG_2140 IMG_1141 IMG_1343 IMG_1045 IMG_0329 IMG_0159 IMG_1246 IMG_0137 IMG_1219 IMG_0982 IMG_1205 IMG_0976 IMG_1237 IMG_0156 IMG_0602 IMG_1056 IMG_1196 IMG_0300 IMG_0470 IMG_1174 IMG_0983 IMG_0505

Photos by Stevy Pyne, myself, and my Instagram

Photographic diary of my last trip to LA, which included but were not limited to, multiple hotel rooms, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Griffith Observatory, Bob's Big Boy, LACMA, House of Blues, Johnny Rockets, the Staples Centre, and of course, Yogurtland. I hadn't originally planned on staying in LA for the 2 months that I did so I was seriously underpacked. This explains why a lot of the same shoes/cardigans/pants/etc. keep repeating over, and over, again. Although I did find a mammoth Yeti jacket that I added to the mix. A post glorifying said jacket will be coming soon.

P.S. Yes, that is a full on alligator disco ball mirror up there.


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