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Saturday, 31 March 2012

losing lift

Photos by Stevy Pyne. Edited by me.

H&M crop top, Topshop slip skirt, Gabriela Artigas conch necklace ]

Wow. I don't know WHAT is going on with my hair in these pictures. It has a life of its own. Most of the time I forget about it and just let her do its thing. Anyway! More photos from my recent trip to LA where in order to make the most of a bulk balloon order once all the helium was gone, Stevy and I thought they'd make for a nice potpourri in the room. You know. Amongst heels and beckoning cats. Would've added more to the room had the balloons been scented. Noted for next time.

Here I am wearing two diaphanous pieces of fabric after a cupcake excursion and before a Mexican dinner outing. I swear this H&M top is slowly disintegrating into nothingness each time it hits the wash but I sort of love that. I've had this Topshop skirt for years now since I lived in England! It doesn't get enough 'out' time as it should. Also noted. Now this necklace was a nice find for me. I bought it at LA's Space 15 Twenty and loved everything at the Gabriela Artigas table. I ended up taking home this ornate gold dipped conch shell (Black one available here). I did acquire the necklace before Chanel said spring 2012 would be all about the world down under... Am I head of Karl? Or just plain lucky... ha!
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Thursday, 29 March 2012

hawaii photo diary

Looming rain trees at Ala Moana Park. I swear the trees in Hawaii are on some weird growth serum with their forever outstretched limbs.
Snapping a quick picture of the Pan Am building before heading into Don Quijote aka Asian supermart.
Night time on Waikiki beach. 
OPI calls this one Mermaid's Tears. Rings by House of Harlow and a random designer from LA. Also, peep my little deck shoe in the corner!
Winding palm trees.
I love anything en masse. Dashboard hula girls are no exception.
I know, I know. Who goes to the pool in Hawaii where there's a beach 10 steps away. Answer? Apparently only me.
Glimpse of my Topshop Rodarte hinted sweater.
Probably what I wore for 80% of my trip. It's throw on-able, airy yet warm, and can be worn in a multitude of ways.
Diamond Head! I still have yet to climb that beauty. One more reason to go back to Hawaii! That and the juicy pineapples.
And here we have some license plates. Yeah.
A sideways sunset to give a different view on things. 
Photos by me
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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

mahalo oahu

Untitled #9
ALOHA! Back from a short hiatus from the blogging world while I've been away on my little rendezvous to Honolulu, although I was quite active on Instagram (can't get enough of its filters! Toaster is my favourite). I've compiled a set on Polyvore, that's v accessory heavy, to give an idea of what I was spraying, painting, wearing, holding, clutching, and doing whilst in Hawaii. I don't actually own any of these except.... the Bumble and Bumble surf spray once upon a time. But! One can dream. So let's sip away on our fresh coconut juice and daydream of these beaut's while the ocean waves lap away...

This Alexander Wang shirt is a perfect combo of ombre print + sleeveless goodness. Wear it as a beach cover up with this bangin' Helmut Lang sporty/luxe bralet, grab your Sharpie drawn Ksubi sunglasses and BAM! You're ready for the beach. Who needs bottoms anyway?

Alternate days with these two appropriate Jimmy Choo acrylic clutches. And for the evening use this adorable jellyfish(!) purse by Niels Peeraer. Give an update to a traditional lei with this necklace from Marni x H&M. And while swimming with the turtles at Hanauma Bay, nails will be painted in Blue Boy by Chanel. 
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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

different faces

IMG00083-20120220-1414P2207725balloon jpg
Photos by Stevy and I. Edited by me.

[ gifted REALLYliteral t-shirt & satin shorts from Jacob ]
Reacquainted with Stevy upon arriving in LA in a van filled with red & white balloons made for a nice picture. Bringing them back to the house, appropriately dubbed Tennessee, a photo shoot ensued and I unknowingly participated in Felix Cartal's Red Balloons competition. Mind you this was right before bedtime so my face was sans makeup and I smelled like airplane. But I'm really just giving excuses for my usual camera shy self. This t-shirt was made for me as a gift and although I'm not usually a fan of tightly armed/collared clothing, it feels strangely nice to wear something with your own mugshot on it. Accompanied with my lovely lilac & lime pyjama shorts from Jacob's sleepwear range. I find that whenever I visit the store, the number of things I want accumulate each time. Plus, looking at campaigns with Karine Vanasse from Pan Am is always welcome. Oh. And here's a photo of my sushi. From Yabu Restaurant.
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