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losing lift

Photos by Stevy Pyne. Edited by me.

H&M crop top, Topshop slip skirt, Gabriela Artigas conch necklace ]

Wow. I don't know WHAT is going on with my hair in these pictures. It has a life of its own. Most of the time I forget about it and just let her do its thing. Anyway! More photos from my recent trip to LA where in order to make the most of a bulk balloon order once all the helium was gone, Stevy and I thought they'd make for a nice potpourri in the room. You know. Amongst heels and beckoning cats. Would've added more to the room had the balloons been scented. Noted for next time.

Here I am wearing two diaphanous pieces of fabric after a cupcake excursion and before a Mexican dinner outing. I swear this H&M top is slowly disintegrating into nothingness each time it hits the wash but I sort of love that. I've had this Topshop skirt for years now since I lived in England! It doesn't get enough 'out' time as it should. Also noted. Now this necklace was a nice find for me. I bought it at LA's Space 15 Twenty and loved everything at the Gabriela Artigas table. I ended up taking home this ornate gold dipped conch shell (Black one available here). I did acquire the necklace before Chanel said spring 2012 would be all about the world down under... Am I head of Karl? Or just plain lucky... ha!


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