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Thursday, 30 October 2014

dude chilling.

dude chilling1
blk dnm2
blk dnm1

[ Nanette Lepore cardigan, Urban Outfitters t-shirt, Blk Dnm leather pantsBalenciaga Ceintures ]

Shot on location at the Dude Chilling Park, East Vancouver by Spencer Varsek

The fact that a park titled something as rad as this is amazing. The fact that said park resides in Vancouver makes it even more so. After a hearty brunch at Yolks, Spencer and I ventured around East Van looking for this absurd place. We found it, parked illegally, and started snapping away. The grass was dewy from the previous night's rain (so... regular for Raincouver) but I sit anywhere really. All this sitting and criss crossing was being done in my new Blk Dnm leather pants. Impressive huh? Thank god I sized up. I usually have the worst luck when buying pants but these turned out to be the exception to the rule! I love the ankle zips and ribbed knee padding and the maximum comfort factor. I purchased mine from the ssense sale but I think they're still available on net-a-porter. Seriously an investment piece but just think cost-per-wear and you'll be clicking Add to Cart just like moi.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

calm before the storm.

scf gangster4
scf gangster1
scf gangster2
b&w gangster2
stone cold fox gangster2
stone cold fox2
scf gangster5

Shot on location at Burnaby Lake Railroad by Jack Lu

Another little black suit to add to the roster. This time with the help of this leather crop by Stone Cold Fox via the cutest little Australian boutique, Splice. When my obsession of leather and all things cropped come together, I had to acquire it. I balanced the tough exterior of the top with my repeat offender satin shorts. The tracks were quiet and empty when we first got there so we took advantage of the calm and tiptoed along the railroad. When we heard the train crossing ring, the tracks became a lot less quiet and everything else a blur. The first train we used for shooting, the second train to flatten a toonie. We would've used a penny but us Canadians are all out of those.

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Friday, 10 October 2014

little black suit.

by malene birger 2
by malene birger 1

[ Nanette Lepore cardigan, By Malene Birger Niharika camisole, Stone Cold Fox Fontaine shorts, Topshop cutout boots, House of Harlow Chelsea sunglasses ]

Shot on location at Crystal Falls, Coquitlam by Jai Krish

Been steering towards all black ensembles like this little black suit lately. Subtle details like the sheer v panelling on this By Malene Birger camisole and the eyelet lacing on these shorts give the outfit a flirtatious twist. Jai captured that well while we explored hidden, beautiful parts of our hometown. Location change went from a secret garden to industrial cement blocks but it was a good chance for me to play part nimble Bambi, then stomp around in the construction dust in my new ankle boots. Topshop was definitely the best way to finally give in to the trend.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! Kisses.

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