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dude chilling.

dude chilling1
blk dnm2
blk dnm1

[ Nanette Lepore cardigan, Urban Outfitters t-shirt, Blk Dnm leather pantsBalenciaga Ceintures ]

Shot on location at the Dude Chilling Park, East Vancouver by Spencer Varsek

The fact that a park titled something as rad as this is amazing. The fact that said park resides in Vancouver makes it even more so. After a hearty brunch at Yolks, Spencer and I ventured around East Van looking for this absurd place. We found it, parked illegally, and started snapping away. The grass was dewy from the previous night's rain (so... regular for Raincouver) but I sit anywhere really. All this sitting and criss crossing was being done in my new Blk Dnm leather pants. Impressive huh? Thank god I sized up. I usually have the worst luck when buying pants but these turned out to be the exception to the rule! I love the ankle zips and ribbed knee padding and the maximum comfort factor. I purchased mine from the ssense sale but I think they're still available on net-a-porter. Seriously an investment piece but just think cost-per-wear and you'll be clicking Add to Cart just like moi.


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