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scandinave spa.


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Shot on location at the Scandinave Spa, Whistler by Stevy Pyne

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to explore a part of Whistler I've never gone before: the Scandinave Spa. It's literally only 5 mins away from bustling Whistler Village and yet it seems so far removed like a spa Narnia where serenity and silence reign supreme. Stevy and I drove up from Vancouver and arrived 2hrs later ready to relax. Luckily we caught the sun at a good time, filling the spa with a lovely light. Although even without it you'd be able to marvel at its calmness. There's like, a sense of magic in the air when you're walking through the spa grounds experiencing each bath. Perhaps it's due to the code of silence and absence of technology along with the communal understanding amongst guests to do one thing and one thing only: relax. It really takes the pressure off. Everyone is mindful of their space and it's interesting to see how we communicate with one another when words are out of the picture. The spa recommends that in order to get the full Scandinavian hydrotherapy experience, you should repeat the cycle of hot, cold, and relax about 3 to 4 times. There are several options within each stage so you experience a different method to reach each sensation every time. We immersed ourselves in the hot baths for about 15 mins, then I braved the cold baths solo (thanks Stevy) for 10 seconds before shivering back into my cuddly robe and heading to the hammock haven to relax. All of these elements along with the breathtaking views of the Whistler mountain vistas make this experience truly sensational. 
Thank you to Helena and the Scandinave Spa for showing me what true relaxation feels like!


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