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Sunday, 20 May 2012

strawberry milk.

Photoshoot prep
Gold corners & friendship bracelet
Pink sketch skies, Hawaii
Sugary caramel praline doughnuts, ABC Country Restaurant
Daiso purchases
Photos by myself

All things pink & sugar dusted & glittered. My 9 year old self has reemerged. 

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Sunday, 13 May 2012


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Photos by myself & MARKET

[ Forever 21 dress & Zara heels ]

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! If you're wondering where to take your momma on this sunny day in Vancouver, I'd recommend a restaurant that's as sophisticated and beautiful as she is: Market by Jean-Georges. My girlfriends and I dined there recently and we were welcomed by the friendliest staff, followed by a very fascinating meal. Located in the Shangri-La Hotel, Market is the first Jean-Georges restaurant in Canada, and to eat food designed by an internationally known 3 star Michelin chef is slightly intimidating! There are copious dishes to choose from on the menu although one appetizer we ordered really stayed with me. The Market sashimi atop crispy rice was a modern twist to the traditional way of serving it. Add a dash of chipotle emulsion and voila! You have a sumptuous meal. 

Dessert was served a couple blocks down at Italian Kitchen where we bumped into the stars of Once Upon A Time. No doubt they were also trying the orgasmic dessert that are italian doughnuts. I severely urge everyone to try this. It is the most delectable dessert I've had in a while.

As for my outfit, dress of choice was by Forever 21! The silver/blue straps and bright yellow palette really got me. It is basically shapeless when on but whip on a belt and I become an expert nipping and tucking away to create a flattering drape. It isn't bragging if it's the truth. 

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Thursday, 3 May 2012


whiteI'm really feeling white this season. Not just any blah white, rather a glaringly neon white. If there has never been such a term before I am coining it right now. I think my love affair with the colour began after seeing Kristin Reiter's iPhone case cleverly named Snow White and appropriately donned with a mirror screen sheen. It's always nice to be called the fairest of them all. Plus you'll need a mirror to straighten up your Karl collar every now and then. 

With more summer festivals coming up, pack your belongings into Delsey's diamond angled Karat case and make a statement with some Hunter wellies that look like they've been dunked into a can of White Out. Adorn wrists with Givenchy's Obsedia cuff and match the touch of gold with Defy's rabbit skull ring

I first fell in lust with Rachel Comey's Ply top at Aritzia Base in Vancouver years ago and was even more stoked when I found out it came in white with all its sheery/cutout goodness. There seems to be a pattern with my Polyvore sets that never seem to address the issue of bottoms. And that obviously didn't change with this one. Creatures of habit I guess. Maybe I'll take a note from My Little Pony and just go all au natural. There's just something about its stark white canvas that I'm living for right now.
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