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Thursday, 28 June 2012


P5268139P5268144 5P5268142 3P5268147

Photos by Stevy Pyne

[ Tory Burch cardigan, TNA t-shirt, 7 shorts ]

These photos were taken on my last trip to Lala land where in between touching down and having a confused gate greeting that only Stevy and I are known for, my only request on the way home was to have a pit stop at Randy's. Reminiscent of what I can only imagine to be Homer's heaven, the place is a total drive in, grab your doughnuts, and drive out situation. But why not start working on blog photos right away hey? When I finally got to editing them though, I noticed how bland they were and Stevy had this brilliant solution to glitch them out. I'm not sure what he did to achieve that low-fi magnetic goodness but it's something a little different to the trillion other outfit shots out there. So yeah, this was my airplane outfit. Comfort is key for me (and probably all travelers out there), so grabbing Tory's Ainsley cardi was a definite no brainer for me. Also because 1) I'm always cold 2) airplanes blast their AC's full power and 3) they charge for blankets.

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Thursday, 21 June 2012


P6158757Outside the box, Secret Location cafeP6158760Petits fours, inside the boxphotoYvan Rodic & I
[ On me: Thrifted wide legs, H&M scarf, American Apparel crop top ]P6178775Sephora moisturizer + signed loveP6178771
Shopping bag, streetstyle spine, capped flats

So how crazy is it that Yvan Rodic came to Vancouver as part of his book tour? The answer: quite. Seeing as how my city is avoided 99% of the time due to its copious amount of moody skies and sheeting rain all the time, one wouldn't really think to find a known streetstyle photographer in our midst. So it was a very pleasant surprise when I discovered Vancouver's new concept store, Secret Location playing host to Yvan and his books. After chatting with monsieur Rodic, a very dashingly charming man, I indulged myself in SL's cafe. Immersing myself in their sofas and admiring the waiters' porcelain bowties while having my sweet confectionaries and daily tea. A good recharge before finding these Valentino-esque flats at Zara.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

instagram LA+LV 2012.

la & vegas instaPhotos by myself & Stevy Pyne

My recent cavorts to LA and Vegas through various filters. 

Lots of food was eaten. Oversized baubles were worn. Lobby tables were laid in. Flea markets were hit. Pinks was had. Skrillex & Nervo was experienced. Memories made. Road trip to Vegas has been crossed off the list.

Treasure is still being sought.

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