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Thursday, 21 June 2012


P6158757Outside the box, Secret Location cafeP6158760Petits fours, inside the boxphotoYvan Rodic & I
[ On me: Thrifted wide legs, H&M scarf, American Apparel crop top ]P6178775Sephora moisturizer + signed loveP6178771
Shopping bag, streetstyle spine, capped flats

So how crazy is it that Yvan Rodic came to Vancouver as part of his book tour? The answer: quite. Seeing as how my city is avoided 99% of the time due to its copious amount of moody skies and sheeting rain all the time, one wouldn't really think to find a known streetstyle photographer in our midst. So it was a very pleasant surprise when I discovered Vancouver's new concept store, Secret Location playing host to Yvan and his books. After chatting with monsieur Rodic, a very dashingly charming man, I indulged myself in SL's cafe. Immersing myself in their sofas and admiring the waiters' porcelain bowties while having my sweet confectionaries and daily tea. A good recharge before finding these Valentino-esque flats at Zara.

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  1. Oh, awesome :D And I doubt that Vancouver is treated so!

    Food looks delicious, btw ;)

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  4. Exquisite photos of LA! Love the crop top and scarf--very cute!!