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Monday, 25 July 2011


Magritte Inspired Video Still via becauselondon 01Magritte Inspired Video Still via becauselondon 02Magritte Inspired Video Still via becauselondon 03Magritte Inspired Video Still via becauselondon 04Magritte Inspired Video Still via becauselondon 05
photos via becauselondon

Surrealism. Wispy. Art canvas texture. Miu Miu shoes. A good lookin' pipe. Witty.
Inspired by Belgian artist Rene Magritte
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Sunday, 24 July 2011


photos by MC & me
(LaRok dress & Rock of Kristia 'Sari' earrings and bracelet)

Feast your eyes on these beautiful and socially responsible pieces gifted to me by Andrea Masakayan, one of the founders of Rock of Kristia! ROK focuses on creating cultural and timeless jewelry; each creation is handcrafted and has a meticulous thought process behind it from the colour of the precious gemstone to the shape of the charm. This particular set consists of bright red bamboo coral and recycled paper rolls, the latter of which was handmade by women in Uganda (this fact STILL boggles my mind). Andrea and her mother Nancy, are local designers with a penchant for making each Rock of Krista piece an individual one! Go here:
That is all
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Thursday, 14 July 2011


photos by me, CC, twitter, & my club scene
(1: American Apparel tank, H&M banana bikini, Topshop vest, Forever 21 shorts,
SP's sunglasses, Chanel backpack, Aldo ankle boots // 2: Topshop Palm Lace Back dress)

I love going to the Standard hotels in LA. The one on the strip always reminds me of a certain Sex and the City episode whenever I walk into the lobby and see that hunky model in the enormous tank. You know? The one where Carrie goes to LA to make her life into a movie? No? Anyway, the photos above were taken at the Downtown Standard where we had planned to attend a rooftop pool party of some sort? In between bouts of waiting and deciding, we ended up having lunch accompanied with mimosas at the hotel restaurant. As for the evening, the shenanigans that occurred are too hilarious to tell. Side note: I wish I got a better shot of this banana bikini to show how Prada-esque it is with its repetitive prints of the herbaceous plant. Next time...
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Monday, 11 July 2011

then & now


photos by me

Bear with me everybody! I just came back from LA and am still sifting through the plethora of photos. In the meantime, feast on the first couple of photos taken on the day of my arrival along with a couple of what food item I am currently obsessed with (aka raincoast crisps cranberry and hazelnut crackers!!). First day of LA consisted of a rose greeting and a Mexican mariachi band coming into SHIN Korean Restaurant while we ate.

In other words, a typical frothy day.


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