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Thursday, 30 August 2012

hong kong photo diary

Neon signs, streets of HK

Señor Moustachio, Mike Stilkey, Times Square

Causeway Bay

Pink flowers + clear vase, LCX

Air conditioners, every other window

Coral + gold accessories, Citys' Super

Terrace statue, Ocean Terminal

Damien Hirst shark, Mike Stilkey interpretation

A busier sidewalk than street, Hong Kong

Pink sale, Lane Crawford

View from Ocean Terminal


Star studded ceiling, Mong Kok

Me + Mike Stilkey piece, HK

Jubilee mania, Times Square

Textured phone case & hojicha tea, Starbucks

Glowing sign, Maxim's Palace

White curtains & gold artwork on wall, my room

Photos by myself & little brother

My captions state what I'd like you to focus on in each photo. Enjoy Hong Kong through my lens. Many restaurants and clubs I went to were members only and private so I couldn't photograph the beauty inside. Although, everyone knows the allure of Hong Kong are from external sources: the humid heat, the forever bustling streets, the decaying buildings to the modern skyscrapers, and the marvellous views. 
I guess the shopping isn't so bad either... Smirk

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

leaving las vegas.

Rolling big, welcome sign

Saxophone shadow, Hard Rock Hotel

All day fortunate, Mr. Lucky's

Menu text + stripes, Mr. Lucky's

Domes, LV to LA


[ Topshop vest, Alexander Wang bra, 7 For All Mankind jeans  ]

Photos by myself & Stevy Pyne

Apologies for the neck craning to view the outfit but I like to keep all the photos the same size. 
When we were planning our road trip, the only request I made was to see the welcome sign, so with us being us, we saw it on the day we left. There's nothing left to do but laugh at the situation now. 

I know wearing jeans in Vegas is some type of sin or something but this pair is so good. It's basically a denim version of the dojo pants I used to wear to karate practice. 
My peculiar reasonings for purchases never cease to amaze me.

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

one big veneer.

Gold elevator rides

Disco mirror duck, Sugar Factory

Seeing double, Las Vegas Blvd.

Grandmother's purse, Le Village Buffet

Chandelier bar, The Cosmopolitan

Reflection, Las Vegas Blvd.

Life size Louboutin, The Cosmopolitan

Aura sphere

Pink neon, Flamingo


[ Vintage blouse & Wildfox shorts  ]

Photos by myself & Stevy Pyne

Witness the attack of all things sparkly and shiny in this post. From disco ducks, to light panel signs, to a blue aura sphere which closely resembles Lucario's weapon of choice. Yeah, I just threw in a Pokémon reference in a fashion blog. Must be my Japanese half trying to give a shout out. Heya! Our second night in Sin City and we were told not to leave without experiencing a buffet meal there. 
So we went to the veneer of Paris. 

Outfit of choice was (guess the embellishment) sequinned shorts and this gaudy 1940's vintage top I bought in England ages ago that I've never found a place to wear. I'm 99.3% sure the inspiration for the blouse came from a cross between a valance curtain and a table runner. 
This may have been the reason behind me buying it.

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Monday, 27 August 2012


Floating beds, Skrillex show

Smudged, hotel room

Sink lined entrance, LAVO

Nighttime sequins, Wynn

Red chandeliers, Encore Resort

Wynn waterfall

Light paths, Skrillex


[ McQ by Alexander McQueen dress, grandma's purse, Bakers boots  ]

Photos by myself & Stevy Pyne

Nighttime in Vegas is quite interesting. Since drinking is allowed in public areas all day, when night falls... everyone is VERY merry. It's quite entertaining to observe the habits of Las Vegans while the only thing I'm ingesting are clear liquids, like water. And maybe some gin. Anyway, perhaps the desert heat was getting to us or Stevy and I just lack serious depth perception but our walk to the Skrillex party was much farther than we had estimated it to be. Exercise is always good though.

I swear the only thing I packed for Vegas nights were an overload of sequinned things. In my mind they go hand in hand so that's ok. Here I'm wearing a grey jersey dress with the aforementioned embellishment flaming out of the neckline. It's way too big for me so I cinched it in by tying a knot to give it more shape. Tailoring it would've been easier but apparently I like to make things more difficult for myself.

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

welcome to rome, las vegas

Awkward stance, Venetian patio

Pink elephants, Marc

Pegasus, Caesars Palace

Vanity bulbs, Planet Hollywood

Chicken + pancetta pizza, TREVI 

P5308455[ All Saints vest, ASOS crop top, Wilfred shorts, Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace ]

Photos by myself & Stevy Pyne

My first time being in Vegas and it's definitely not my kind of place. But I'm also not one to knock things until trying them. These were taken on our first day after checking in to our hotel and doing a quick wardrobe change to something more casual for walking around everywhere. Yeah I don't know why I deemed a leather vest appropriate for desert weather but I needed some form of overbearing body covering to contrast the tininess of my crop top and shorts. The latter of which were probably just made for sleeping in but who follows those rules anyway.

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

large vacation.

P5318612P5318611P5318610P5318604[ Juicy Couture bikini, Tarina Tarantino earrings, La Dama necklace ]

Photos by myself & Stevy Pyne

Start of the second day in Vegas and we decided it was a day purely for lounging. Rented out a day bed at Treasure Island, ordered 2 too many drinks, went between bouts of  being too hot to too cold, and learned that I could tie a cherry stem knot with my mouth.

I feel like this bikini has a total Park Avenue Princess sort of vibe with its uniform stripes and grey/white colour palette. Although the cute bow in the front was what really sold me. Here I am also wearing jewelry to the pool and I know how very impractical it may be but I like it. I always pick non-metal jewelry when I'm pool dipping from fear of it burning onto my skin. Unpleasant imagery, I know. 
Just focus on my lovely plastic earrings instead.

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