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Monday, 27 August 2012


Floating beds, Skrillex show

Smudged, hotel room

Sink lined entrance, LAVO

Nighttime sequins, Wynn

Red chandeliers, Encore Resort

Wynn waterfall

Light paths, Skrillex


[ McQ by Alexander McQueen dress, grandma's purse, Bakers boots  ]

Photos by myself & Stevy Pyne

Nighttime in Vegas is quite interesting. Since drinking is allowed in public areas all day, when night falls... everyone is VERY merry. It's quite entertaining to observe the habits of Las Vegans while the only thing I'm ingesting are clear liquids, like water. And maybe some gin. Anyway, perhaps the desert heat was getting to us or Stevy and I just lack serious depth perception but our walk to the Skrillex party was much farther than we had estimated it to be. Exercise is always good though.

I swear the only thing I packed for Vegas nights were an overload of sequinned things. In my mind they go hand in hand so that's ok. Here I'm wearing a grey jersey dress with the aforementioned embellishment flaming out of the neckline. It's way too big for me so I cinched it in by tying a knot to give it more shape. Tailoring it would've been easier but apparently I like to make things more difficult for myself.

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