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leaving las vegas.

Rolling big, welcome sign

Saxophone shadow, Hard Rock Hotel

All day fortunate, Mr. Lucky's

Menu text + stripes, Mr. Lucky's

Domes, LV to LA


[ Topshop vest, Alexander Wang bra, 7 For All Mankind jeans  ]

Photos by myself & Stevy Pyne

Apologies for the neck craning to view the outfit but I like to keep all the photos the same size. 
When we were planning our road trip, the only request I made was to see the welcome sign, so with us being us, we saw it on the day we left. There's nothing left to do but laugh at the situation now. 

I know wearing jeans in Vegas is some type of sin or something but this pair is so good. It's basically a denim version of the dojo pants I used to wear to karate practice. 
My peculiar reasonings for purchases never cease to amaze me.


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