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Thursday, 26 April 2012


IMG_9123IMG_9083IMG_9115IMG_9097IMG_9190Photos by little brother

Marc by Marc Jacobs culottes & my dad's shirt ]

The last sliver of my Hawaiian dream. 
My dad's shirt has the raddest print best interpreting that of a holographic tortoise shell. With a touch of kaleidoscope. I bought these Marc shorts from Bluefly years ago and although a few sizes too big, I needed them for my closet for the mere fact that they emulate total schoolgirl looks with the perfect navy + white piping combo. 
Plus, Blair Waldorf wore them.

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Sunday, 22 April 2012


P3047795426079_10150600535493737_516283736_9234230_1896504177_n423499_10150600537123737_516283736_9234252_45442729_nP30478064 me jpg
Photos by Abdul Murad, Ginger 62, and myself.

[ Stylestalker 'Shanghai' dress & MAC x Fafi 'Fun N Sexy' lipstick ]

Taking a modern twist on the traditional cheongsam, this Stylestalker dress has the loveliest blue oriental print that makes me feel like I'm wearing a Ming vase. Contrasted the blue/white of the dress with some shocking pink lippy from MAC's collabo with Fafi circa 2008.

Anyone in Vancouver who's into specialty sushi rolls should go to Point Zero Lounge on Granville. They've got a roll with bacon in it. I mean. Come on! Miss Piggy it's called. Also, Ginger 62 is pretty sweet with its new age digital photo booth. 
Shamelessly taking photo after photo of yourself and having the power to tweet/email them instantly is dangerous.

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Friday, 20 April 2012


79850025576mug 2oj jpgmugPhotos by The FellazStevy Pyne

Value Village fur, Topshop Unique shirt, Topshop shorts, Jeffrey Campbell 'Night Walk' heels ]

In tribute to the closing of Duke's on Sunset, a few photographs for those who were never privy to the Morrison Room. Located on the rooftop of Dukes, the Morrison Room is a tucked away bar with a wall plastered with huge celebrity mugshots. A collection of Hollywood's naughtiest, if you will. The large balcony played home base for Orange Julius' first gig. Beach balls were tossed. Surfboard bass playing happened. Death of a Gremmie was danced to. Cigars were lit mid play. And my birthday candles were blown. Surprised as.

Look. Topshop heavy. Awkward fur length vs. my penchant for being cold. Weighty feather lashes. And legs.
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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


proenza schouler ss rtw 2012 1 crop
photo via Proenza Schouler

That 40's inspiration. That stitching. That metal edging. That fun acrylic chain. 
That everything.
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Monday, 16 April 2012


Video still by Stevy Pyne

[ Humana jacket, Wildfox 'Romeo & Juliet' shorts, Jeffrey Campbell 'Night Walk' heels ]

I am indecisive about 93% of the time. With that quality and Ralph's bountiful selection of products, grocery shopping takes a heck of a long time. I guess it's nice that Stevy always has his capture tube with him. Makes for some cute gif's. And making memories of course... Yeah, that too.

So what does one wear to a midnight run to an empty grocery store? Obviously my negative heels for their practicality. Don't worry, the cart stabilizes me to a certain degree! A note for future JC Night Walker's, you don't actually feel like there's a chunk of your shoe missing. It's all in the sole baby (pardon the pun)! Maybe a better view of my shorts and the jacket another time. They're too beautiful not to be photographed again.
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Thursday, 12 April 2012


P3277878aw objects collect jpgPhoto1 & edited objects by me. Raw object photo via Alexander Wang.

BREE London 100 wallet ]

Whilst meandering through the Hyatt in Waikiki, I scooped up this beautiful, black, snakeskin grained wallet at BREE. With its supple texture, tetrahedron shape, and liquid silver zipper, the wallet is a definite contender for slipping into Alexander Wang's Objects collection seamlessly. I couldn't justify keeping it for myself so it now resides in LA with Stevy. Purchase the London 100 in a variety of colours at a deeply discounted price than I paid (damnit!) here.
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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

egg print

P4077900P4097923egg no borderPhotos by me & sandrascloset

Topshop romper & Alter NY necklace ]

Happy Easter!! For the lovely long weekend just passed I chose a romper that is instilled with a print which, I thought, most resembles an Easter egg. My works of 'art' on previous eggs have never been as meticulous in detail as my onesie nor as beautiful as this metal, crystals, bells, and whistles egg created by Mary Katrantzou for the FabergĂ© Easter Egg Hunt in London. Her egg will be on display at the May Fair Hotel and if I were in London I'd be there pronto to see just how much it looms over my wee self. Other eggs by wonders Haruka Miyamoto, Jessica Cheng, and Richard Beckett, Sarat Babu & Alexandrina Rizova
Click away bunnies. 
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Monday, 2 April 2012

fresh goods

flip jpg
P2227755 P2227748 P2227757prada stole jpg
Video still & photos by Stevy Pyne. Edited by me.

[ Wilfred tank, Topshop skirt, Chanel belt, F21 wire thin bra, Joe Fresh stole ]

Check me out! Laying down some vocals at SPW's makeshift recording booth. Tennessee Studio style. As I do... No, not really. To be honest, the only reason I'd be found in the booth is if someone sweetly cajoled me in there. Which is exactly what happened in this situation. I'm too easily persuaded.

Photos taken just before heading out to a High Kicks party at the Sky Bar in LA. Going for an all white underlying palette with splashes of bright colour thanks to my belt and stole. The Joe Fresh version is a dead ringer for Prada's one from the FW 2011 collection that Miuccia sent down; without the steep price tag. For those in the US, a Joe Fresh store just opened up in NY! Go forth savings savvy shoppers!
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Sunday, 1 April 2012

the wang element

Photo by me. The Fifth Element stills via blu-ray.

[ Alexander Wang intarsia bra ]

Picked this bad boy up at the Nordstrom Rack in Hawaii. We really need an NR in Vancouver man! Although it's probably best for my wallet that they don't. As soon as I felt the soft, stretchy texture of the bra, I immediately knew it would be a perfect opponent for emulating half a mummy wrap, and half of Leeloo's thermal bandages. Yes. This is just one of the many convoluted reasons behind my garment purchases. 
It comes in a slick pastel green, properly dubbed 'Aloe', here

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