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Friday, 20 April 2012


79850025576mug 2oj jpgmugPhotos by The FellazStevy Pyne

Value Village fur, Topshop Unique shirt, Topshop shorts, Jeffrey Campbell 'Night Walk' heels ]

In tribute to the closing of Duke's on Sunset, a few photographs for those who were never privy to the Morrison Room. Located on the rooftop of Dukes, the Morrison Room is a tucked away bar with a wall plastered with huge celebrity mugshots. A collection of Hollywood's naughtiest, if you will. The large balcony played home base for Orange Julius' first gig. Beach balls were tossed. Surfboard bass playing happened. Death of a Gremmie was danced to. Cigars were lit mid play. And my birthday candles were blown. Surprised as.

Look. Topshop heavy. Awkward fur length vs. my penchant for being cold. Weighty feather lashes. And legs.
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  1. Amazing look!


  2. totally stunnig look.

  3. wow! great pics!

  4. wow i just found your blog and i literally fell in love! following :)