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Monday, 16 April 2012


Video still by Stevy Pyne

[ Humana jacket, Wildfox 'Romeo & Juliet' shorts, Jeffrey Campbell 'Night Walk' heels ]

I am indecisive about 93% of the time. With that quality and Ralph's bountiful selection of products, grocery shopping takes a heck of a long time. I guess it's nice that Stevy always has his capture tube with him. Makes for some cute gif's. And making memories of course... Yeah, that too.

So what does one wear to a midnight run to an empty grocery store? Obviously my negative heels for their practicality. Don't worry, the cart stabilizes me to a certain degree! A note for future JC Night Walker's, you don't actually feel like there's a chunk of your shoe missing. It's all in the sole baby (pardon the pun)! Maybe a better view of my shorts and the jacket another time. They're too beautiful not to be photographed again.
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