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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

how charming

(Kain t-shirt, vintage Levi's, random thigh highs, Topshop shoes, and my mom's old Fendi)
Photos by MC

I've been friends with my 3 girls for... numerous years and we decided to commemorate our friendship the other day by buying each of us a charm necklace. LAME, I know. But kinda cute too no? After all, we're just little girls at heart. Anyway, everytime we're waiting for one of our appointments at Dona Lucia we stumble into this cute, little boutique next door. Wishlist I think it's called? If you're in the neighbourhood you should definitely check it out! They have these great homeware stuff and beautiful local designer jewelry. Then afterwards head to Hoshi Sushi in the other direction and be sure to order the gomae roll & the snow white roll... MMM YUM. Heck, you'll probably see me there!
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Saturday, 25 September 2010


Oh HEY THERE Daisy Lowe. You are hot stuff. Between those thigh high socks and Maximum Balloon's catchy 'Tiger' track in the background, I don't know what's better...

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