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Saturday, 25 August 2012

large vacation.

P5318612P5318611P5318610P5318604[ Juicy Couture bikini, Tarina Tarantino earrings, La Dama necklace ]

Photos by myself & Stevy Pyne

Start of the second day in Vegas and we decided it was a day purely for lounging. Rented out a day bed at Treasure Island, ordered 2 too many drinks, went between bouts of  being too hot to too cold, and learned that I could tie a cherry stem knot with my mouth.

I feel like this bikini has a total Park Avenue Princess sort of vibe with its uniform stripes and grey/white colour palette. Although the cute bow in the front was what really sold me. Here I am also wearing jewelry to the pool and I know how very impractical it may be but I like it. I always pick non-metal jewelry when I'm pool dipping from fear of it burning onto my skin. Unpleasant imagery, I know. 
Just focus on my lovely plastic earrings instead.

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  1. lovely pictures!