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whiteI'm really feeling white this season. Not just any blah white, rather a glaringly neon white. If there has never been such a term before I am coining it right now. I think my love affair with the colour began after seeing Kristin Reiter's iPhone case cleverly named Snow White and appropriately donned with a mirror screen sheen. It's always nice to be called the fairest of them all. Plus you'll need a mirror to straighten up your Karl collar every now and then. 

With more summer festivals coming up, pack your belongings into Delsey's diamond angled Karat case and make a statement with some Hunter wellies that look like they've been dunked into a can of White Out. Adorn wrists with Givenchy's Obsedia cuff and match the touch of gold with Defy's rabbit skull ring

I first fell in lust with Rachel Comey's Ply top at Aritzia Base in Vancouver years ago and was even more stoked when I found out it came in white with all its sheery/cutout goodness. There seems to be a pattern with my Polyvore sets that never seem to address the issue of bottoms. And that obviously didn't change with this one. Creatures of habit I guess. Maybe I'll take a note from My Little Pony and just go all au natural. There's just something about its stark white canvas that I'm living for right now.


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