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ALOHA! Back from a short hiatus from the blogging world while I've been away on my little rendezvous to Honolulu, although I was quite active on Instagram (can't get enough of its filters! Toaster is my favourite). I've compiled a set on Polyvore, that's v accessory heavy, to give an idea of what I was spraying, painting, wearing, holding, clutching, and doing whilst in Hawaii. I don't actually own any of these except.... the Bumble and Bumble surf spray once upon a time. But! One can dream. So let's sip away on our fresh coconut juice and daydream of these beaut's while the ocean waves lap away...

This Alexander Wang shirt is a perfect combo of ombre print + sleeveless goodness. Wear it as a beach cover up with this bangin' Helmut Lang sporty/luxe bralet, grab your Sharpie drawn Ksubi sunglasses and BAM! You're ready for the beach. Who needs bottoms anyway?

Alternate days with these two appropriate Jimmy Choo acrylic clutches. And for the evening use this adorable jellyfish(!) purse by Niels Peeraer. Give an update to a traditional lei with this necklace from Marni x H&M. And while swimming with the turtles at Hanauma Bay, nails will be painted in Blue Boy by Chanel. 

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