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different faces

IMG00083-20120220-1414P2207725balloon jpg
Photos by Stevy and I. Edited by me.

[ gifted REALLYliteral t-shirt & satin shorts from Jacob ]
Reacquainted with Stevy upon arriving in LA in a van filled with red & white balloons made for a nice picture. Bringing them back to the house, appropriately dubbed Tennessee, a photo shoot ensued and I unknowingly participated in Felix Cartal's Red Balloons competition. Mind you this was right before bedtime so my face was sans makeup and I smelled like airplane. But I'm really just giving excuses for my usual camera shy self. This t-shirt was made for me as a gift and although I'm not usually a fan of tightly armed/collared clothing, it feels strangely nice to wear something with your own mugshot on it. Accompanied with my lovely lilac & lime pyjama shorts from Jacob's sleepwear range. I find that whenever I visit the store, the number of things I want accumulate each time. Plus, looking at campaigns with Karine Vanasse from Pan Am is always welcome. Oh. And here's a photo of my sushi. From Yabu Restaurant.

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