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the right amount of casual.


Karl Alley hat & vintage sweater ]

Photos by Stevy Pyne

First things first, I swear I'm wearing shorts underneath my sweater. Albeit barely visible, I assure you they're there! These shots were taken at a dingy bar, attached to a bowling alley that Stevy & I were prior at. The intense red of the leather stools coupled with the number of neon signs behind the bar, made for a perfect backdrop for us to document. I was test driving my new hat from Karl Alley and felt the casualness that only a snapback could demand would downplay my 4 inch heels and the amount of leg I had on show. Although, the metal plate does read 'VOGUE' so the range of how casual this hat can get is limited. In a good way. 
Extra chunky sweater added for extra chunky comfort.



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