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hotel hallways.

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[ Vivienne Westwood cardigan & grandmother's lace shirt ]

Here's my one outfit post from Vegas and I subconsciously emulated a little bit of Michael Jackson in there. Note the obvious white socks at my ankles. I know that the repetitive green damask wallpaper & equally dizzying carpet makes it difficult to focus on my outfit so I will try to be as descriptive as possible. So yeah, the outfit is basically all black but in order for it to feel less morbid, there's punches of whites here & there in different textures. Example: lace shirt, cotton socks, & cowhide print creepers. Plus the accessories! A chunky prism bangle and pyramid earring to add a bit of geometry to my B&W outfit. Maybe I should add a quadrilateral necklace next time... Okay, off topic. The final touch was my signature intense combover hair flip.



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