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yeti glamour.

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[ BB Dakota 'Irma' jacket, AA dress, ChloĆ© heels ]

Photos by Stevy Pyne

Neow! I feel like a pretty kitty in my faux fur wooly mammoth of a jacket that I got from my friends store, Clumsy Cat in LA! Support small local businesses y'all & go shop there on Sunset! Let's quickly forget that I just used the abbreviated form of 'you all' for the first (and last) time on this blog and focus on other aspects of my outfit. Such as these old (2007), but always relevant, ChloĆ© shoes that achieve two things: 1) have the most supple leather that wrap my feet and 2) awesomely resemble goat hooves. Going back to the jacket, I don't really need to go into too much detail about it because it's in heavy rotation for the next few blog posts. All I need to say is that this jacket has the ability to glam up any outfit, which seems ironic given that it was clearly inspired by the unglamorous abominable snowman. Funny how things work out.



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