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the living desert

(random dress, H&M sandals, random pearl bracelets, Topshop dinosaur necklace, mom's old Fendi bag)
photos by EY, MC & me
This is actually day 3 part I of our vacation. Seeing as how day 2 consisted of outlet shopping, free (GOOD) buffets, and the casino... I thought I'd just skip ahead to our trip to the zoo. See, EY has this thing for animals. It's pretty cute actually. Whenever we go on vacation with her the only request is that we go to the aquarium and/or the zoo. Probably not the best day to go (although I don't think ANY day would be considered a good day when temperatures were at 48 degrees Celsius - UGH SO HOT). Even the animals couldn't be bothered to come out of the shade. I don't blame them really. EY couldn't be happier as soon as she saw the zebras and giraffes. I ended up taking more pictures of the plants than the animals... xxx

P.S. What I love about this dress is the halterneck strap that's in the design of leather belt. You'll have to look closely in the 2nd photo to see it. Reminds me of an All Saints dress that I still continue to covet to this very day...


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