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weekly wants 03

photos via unitednude, barneys, topshop, & net-a-porter
1) Oh the amount as to how much I want those Iris van Herpen x United Nude heels is inexplicable. They're just so sexy aren't they?!
2) The moment I saw this skirt I began lusting after it. The perfect pleating and the fact that it's in a 'Forest Green'. Don't you love it when items have more descriptive colors?
3) The obligatory aviator/shearling/winter-jacket-of-the-season photo. In a deep chocolate brown. Yummy
4) How cute is this bag? I've always loved Miu Miu. From the bows, to the foldover zip closure, to the KEWL wool plaiding (is that a word? I doubt it...)

OH. So I have exciting news. I'm going back to London in a month for a couple of weeks and wanted to know where YOU recommend xxx


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