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Thursday, 4 November 2010

let's myspace it!

(random sweater, Topshop earrings, grandpa's chain, random cage necklace)
photos by me
This is usually my phrase when a group of friends and I try to self take a photo. You all know what I mean ;) I've never actually had a MySpace account... Not too sure why. Anyway, I don't usually like taking MySpace shots of myself because I feel too vain! So please excuse them. On this particular day however, I was feeling especially happy and wanted to document it. The first 2 are test shots but the last one is the real me. You know when you can't stop smiling about something? Yeah... cheesy but true xxx
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  1. glad you're happy! I like the pictures and your jewellery! :)

  2. :D love your earings!
    /there's a GIVE_AWAY on my blog/

  3. that is so lovely :D i know how you feel

  4. I like your makeup so much!! No matter how hard it try I never get to draw the perfect line with my eyeliner :) Maybe you could do some kind of tutorial haha :p

    great blog!


  5. I like the jewelery.

  6. cupcake, KcomeKarolina, Ninjagaiden78 - Thank you! xxx

    noura. - It's such a wonderful feeling isn't it!? xxx

    Emilie - Oh I completely know what you mean. It takes me forever to get both flicks on both eyes symmetrical! I have the products of MAC to thank for that xxx

  7. your eye make up is gorgeous!

  8. Haha myspace photos. Don't worry, you didn't miss out on anything there. I still have a myspace account out there somewhere...