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Monday, 15 November 2010

weekly wants 04

photos via rickowens, sykes, topshop, & dollypearl
This week I'm feeling everything asymmetrical. From hair to garments to makeup to that SICK Rick Owens oyster colored skirt that could also double as a loincloth (at least the Sykes one offers more coverage)... Lusting over the Topshop version with the lingering tail to the soft and feminine Dolly Pearl dress in a magnificent mustard color you'll start to feel like anything symmetrical is just so boring! xxx
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  1. I love the last dress, the colour is fantastic!

  2. I love the skirt in the second picture! :)

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  3. amazin post and blog!

    great stuff here!

    pls come visit and join:))


  4. Oh my, those shorts/skirt look absolutely wonderful! I can imagine them to look really nice with a cute jumper and some overknees :)

  5. oh I want those things too :)

  6. beautiful blog!! I hope you'll visit mine!

  7. love these especially the dress! asymmetrical is always flattering.

    love, M

  8. geeez that dolly pearl dress is ADORABLE. love it! hope one can buy taht online somewhere?

  9. Jakarech - Isn't it though? I love the color as well xxx

    Rosa&Carlotta - I don't know if it's a skirt... Maybe a skort? Ew that word is so ugly. Nonetheless the item is beautiful right? xxx

    rouli, Olga, Vicky K. - Thank you! xxx

    Annalein - Ohhh don't even get me started on my obsession with OTK's. Love them xxx

    Puck Litaay, matchboxmuse - Beautiful ain't it? xxx

    Allegra - Sadly this is a small fraction on my never ending list of WANTS. I need to tone it down... xxx

    Gudrun and Iris - Yes you can! It is currently sold out but there are other beautiful items for sale! ( xxx

    paperwhales - Who doesn't right?! It's so good xxx