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weekly wants 05

photos via topshop, stantonjames, galadarling & katespade
Today in Vancouver it was -7 degrees Celsius. RIDIC. The cold was actually biting at me and my little hands definitely did NOT appreciate being in a not-so-warm-but-ever-so-stylish silk pair of gloves. The other pair I've got are a little too big for me though... perhaps I could go on a mission to attempt (key word being 'attempt') to make them smaller somehow? Hmm... I believe this would mean unstitching the whole thing and sewing it back smaller? No clue. Seeing as how I'd probably fail miserably at this task (and don't want to harm my beautiful pair of Lorick driving gloves) I'll end up wearing tight bracelets on each wrist as a means of securing those babies down. ANYWAY, I've rounded up some lovely pairs all of which include either perforated leather or ribbed cuffs or... both. And for a dash of cuteness there's always Kate Spade xxx

P.S. Not too sure what warmth the Mila and LV options are going to give... Heck who am I kidding. Everyone knows they both purely exist for aesthetic purposes. I guess (in reference to the Mila's) I find it interesting for your hand to look like you're always holding a gun?


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