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festival excursion.

A load of whites. The more sheer, the better.

Your ticket. Duh.

Laptop for dumping out your memory card each day, iPhone, lip balm, good sunglasses, 
H2O x 10, bag options, a hat, several pairs of frayed denim shorts, and wrap for chilly evenings.

Dolce Vita 'Sabelle' top, Bec & Bridge Light Ceramic top, H&M embroidered blouse

Beauty essentials. I swear by the Clarisonic brush and the multifarious heads.

Emphasizing the shorts.

Flat shoe options ranging from boots to espadrilles to strappy sandals.

Photos by me

Just mere moments away from the 3 day desert excursion also known as, Coachella. Excited for my 2nd year in a row and this time around I feel more confident in my ability to only pack the essentials and do so swiftly. Although as I'm saying this I'm looking at three stuffed-to-the-brim duffle bags... Worried that I don't get a stern look from a certain someone. Anyway, here are a handful of pics that gives you a slight peek into one of three duffels as to what I'll be bringing to Palm Springs this weekend. Don't forget to follow my Instagram for more on-the-go updates. See you at Coachella Weekend 1!


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