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day one, coachella.

dayone sunset
dayonesip edit

[ Dolce Vita 'Sabelle' top, 7FAM shorts, Rag & Bone mac, House of Harlow 'Chelsea' sunglasses, Sandro espadrilles ]

Photos by Steve Pyne

Details from day one at Coachella. 90% of my photos from last weekend will show me having a drink or thirst quencher of some sort in my hand. So yeah, just a heads up. This one was a coconut/banana smoothie reluctantly bought when they were out of the actual fruit. Since my feet were in heels the beginning part of the day, I wanted to give them a rest by sliding on my Sandro slippers. Denim shorts were a no brainer but in terms of which white, sheer, flowy, ethereal thing to wear, that was a different question. The Sabelle top by Dolce Vita won the battle - it's basically an extra pretty doily that I can't say no to. I dug up my old Rag & Bone cropped mac to wear in the evenings as 1 part warmth generator, 2 parts sandstorm protector.


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