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quintessentially coachella.


[ Jeremy Scott x Adidas hoodie, Topshop vest, 7 For All Mankind shorts, H&M sandals ]

Photo by Dan Busta

I remember this moment of Coachella quite well. It was the bittersweet last day of the 3 part series and we were on our way to get (metaphorically) high with Tame Impala. The sandstorm wasn't in full swing just yet but it was definitely windy and cold & I was probably whining about the lack of hot beverages to Stevy when Dan suddenly stopped us to photograph our style. I'm always so flattered & taken aback when this happens but I guess having wings resembling that of a totem pole will just attract that type of attention. Smirk. I was probably on autopilot when packing this hoodie as it's so comfortable & insulating that I didn't realize just how quintessentially Coachella it was until I saw this photo. My only regret is putting my phone in the front pocket... fail. 

Thanks again to Dan for the photo & see you in LA! Hope everyone got their tickets for Coachella 2014!


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