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halo tree.


[ Vena Cava 'Sarcophagus' romper ]

How wow is the top photo? And I'm not talking about the factor that was me but rather the factor of the tree. Particularly that of the halo variation?! I know, I don't even understand it myself & I don't think I want to. Things lose their magic when all the mystery is gone & I like magic. Now that you've had a chance to digest the wonder of the halo tree, I'll give words on the outfit. This Vena Cava romper is past past past season and every time I (try to) slim down my closet & I come across this piece, for a smidgen of a second it goes in the outbox folder, and then I come to my senses. That smidgen of a second is because it fits too big on me but the # of goods outweigh the bads on this one. The chevron print, the silky material, THE POCKETS (note the importance due to all caps), the metal tips on the drawstring, and the fact that it's got a good name. Sarcophagus. Product names have a huge influence on my purchasing decisions.

PS I added my Facebook to my already burgeoning socials list!


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