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Monday, 20 May 2013

diamond head in dvf.


[ Diane von Fürstenberg 'Wexford' blouse, 7 For All Mankind shorts, Forever 21 sunglasses ]

Phew I'm finally back from travelling (for a pause), and am really looking forward to sifting through all the photos taken on the many devices one can use to take photos with (ie. DSLR, iPhone, Instax). My last excursion was a trip to Hawai‘i where I revisited the beautiful island of O‘ahu! Although the Hawai‘ian islands are all so tiny, I'm always discovering new places to explore along with reaffirming my love of their darling flora & fauna. This time, I was particularly fascinated by the many varieties of trees. 

Now although Diamond Head is an obvious location for travellers to come to, this was my first time exploring it. And in the extinct volcano crater of Diamond Head, I found an oasis. A lush, vibrant oasis where nawa trees were firmly rooted everywhere and my blouse coincidentally matched its surroundings. Reasons why I love this DVF blouse are threefold: 1) there is the most random, yet consistent ruching on the back & front of it, 2) the sheer sleeves versus the opaque bodice, and 3) the hibiscus flowers that make up for the lack of them in the crater. Well done Diane.
Hawai‘i photo diary next!

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  1. Love your outfit, especially the shorts! And great shots :)

    Love from Canada,

  2. Love this outfit - compliments the scenery well!

  3. Love this look, it's so laid back and cool xx