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Thursday, 2 May 2013

day two.


[ Rihanna x River Island overall dress, Topshop bikini, and Richard Torry x KTZ fanny pack ]

Photos by Stevy Pyne

I know these Coachella posts are taking forever for me to get to but they’re coming! This was day two and since I got a good feel of the vibe at the festival on day one, I was ready to whip out this RIHxRI dress. I know there were mixed reviews on this collaboration but I for one was pleasantly surprised at several of the pieces from an aesthetic perspective. This particular piece was a toss up for me mainly because I’m 5’3", which means even the smallest of sizes in maxi dresses are still too max. However, I finally succumbed because of its unusual design combination of being half utilitarian overalls/half sheer sexy dress & the fact that I knew it would grow into a piece I’d throw on on a lazy day & just, live in it. Seriously, the actual skirt diameter is about 10ft, which gives ample room to just, sprawl. There were a lot of straps going on with my bikini top & fanny pack & overalls dress so I decided to eliminate one. The result was that of a toga with utility pockets for my Nature Valley bar.

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