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Sunday, 6 November 2011


photos by me
[ obakki silk blouse & scarlett shorts]

Several days ago, luxury Canadian designer Obakki closed their Gastown store in order to focus on growth in other areas. Needless to say everyone was devastated but immediately perked up when Obakki announced their 2 day warehouse sale. The selection was immense with my mind still on a wool coat with a cocoon cut and a diaphanous maxi skirt in the colour of mocha. I emerged with these two pieces; one of which I remember eyeing at their FW 2011 fashion show. I keep telling everyone they're shorts but the sheer wool panel at the back suggests otherwise... The blouse spoke out to me due to it's slippery soft feel and the unique cowling of the neckline. As I was leaving, I was told about the Obakki Rainmaker Auction on eBay that runs from November 1 to 14 with 100% of proceeds going towards the drilling of wells in South Sudan! If you haven't already, check it out as new items are posted everyday!
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  1. love your blog, keep it up!

  2. both of those garments are stunning! lovely blog :)

  3. Gosh I love those shorts! Super sexy, I want them xx