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picture within a picture

photos by me & SP
[ french connection dress, custom tommy hilfiger jacket, zara heels]

Last weekend spent in LA for SP's birthday. A little help from JI and the guys made my surprise a successful one! What I didn't calculate when booking a 6AM flight was how tired I'd be for the whole day. Needless to say, napping ensued. When awoken, I was greeted by dinner along with SP telling me I only had 20 minutes to get ready to accompany him to the RedZone studio for Milla's track listening party! I don't think a guy knows that a girl needs more time than that to make herself look human. I wore my FCUK dress from eons ago. It's yellow and I know Asians aren't supposed to wear that colour but I've never been one to listen to those fashion rules. The party itself was too blurry to recall although I do remember sugary cereals to munch on, a specialized Milla cocktail, stacks of stickers with QR codes that doubled as Milla's album cover, and being told what 'banjee realness' was on the way home? Maybe I dreamt half this stuff. Although I know I changed the film cartridge of my camera seeing how many photos were taken. How I managed that in my stilettos without spilling anything on my dress is a feat in itself. Check out Milla's mix here: http://www.millasaysgo.com/

P.S. I didn't end up in jail in that photo. The photo is just in between my love's guitar strings.
P.P.S. Happy Halloween!

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