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portobello west

photos by me
[ 1: dotdotlove morse code necklace , 2: vic & albie goat fork, 3: Cocoa Nymph Sesamo Bianco ]

Last month, an invitation was presented by one of the board members of Portobello West to attend the September market fair. Although the monthly fair has been around since 2006, I have never personally been exposed to it until recently. To say that I was surprised would be a definite understatement. Portobello West offers artisans more than just a venue to sell their work; it offers them exposure and attention in an appropriate environment. Products offered ranged from a morse code necklace that only pilots will understand to a cheese fork that has been flattened, soldered, and stamped with a certain man's nickname. I like esoteric things apparently so I snapped these up immediately along with a couple bags of oddly addicting sesame + sea salt chocolate. Next Portobello West is on October 30th, 2011.

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