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legend to someone

photos by me & sp
[ topshop hibiscus playsuit, miu miu harlequin bag, ring from le pink & co. ]

Situated at the Mondrian with SP & CW with the earlier part of our day exploring our latest habitat, Silverlake. The burning sun caused us to duck into Intellegentsia for brunch where the obviously appropriate thing for me to do was paint my nails while a track download took place. Don't ask! Continued on to meander through little boutiques with wet nails and came out a guitar strap and knuckle ring richer. Driving back to Beverly Hills, SP insisted we needed to go to the La Luz De Jesus Gallery along with the regular stop at Umami burger. I strongly urge anyone and everyone to go as a wide array of eclectic art and reading material is available there. Seeing the works of Lou Beach and Sam Lubicz was very intriguing. Who knew cut outs could be so fun?

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