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Empire @ SSMF

photos by me
[ h&m eyelet corset, topshop floral shorts, oscar de la renta robe ]

I know there seems to be a lot of photos of SP and the only way of documenting my outfit is via a mirror by accidental purposes. I guess that's what happens when I like photographing and he has a guitar and plectrum in his hand. The Sunset Strip Music Festival is even more hectic when one is on the other side of things. From the Standard to Carney's to the 'Johnny Room' at the Viper to squeezing in a dinner at Night + Market in Talesai (get the mushroom fries) to backstage at The Roxy it's safe to say that it was a very hectic day. A struggle for a pixelated cherry sign and late night/early morning track listening at TS' studio comes to mind. I honestly don't know how I find myself in these situations

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