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garden path.


[ Topshop pyjama shirt, 7FAM shorts, Alexander McQueen creepers, Forever 21 sunglasses, vintage Gucci purse]

More sleepytime dressing in LA. This genre of dressing is becoming my uniform very quickly as I realize how this city calls upon the drapiest and easiest pieces of your wardrobe. Spring is in full bloom here and jacaranda petals are littering the ground and tops of cars in such a pretty way. What drew me to this shirt when I first saw it on the Topshop website was the misalignment of stripes between the back and the front. The transition of the light blue to medium blue was also a nice touch. When it arrived in the mail, I was super happy to see that its sleeves came pre-rolled to save me the trouble of finding a nice, neat way to do this. (I've only recently perfected my denim jacket sleeve roll) On top of that, it is possibly the softest shirt I own. Like it was washed with flower petals in the most delicate cycle for maximum softness.


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