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rain blossom project.


[ Acne Studios 'Azade' top, Alexander Wang croc leather skirt, Dispark Japan slip ons, AdR x H&M sunglasses, mini spike bag from HK ]

Photos by Spencer Varsek

Anonymous art done right is always a lovely thing especially when it's done in a simple yet bold manner. Here in Vancouver a couple of days before the snowstorm hit, unknown artists hung up bright red umbrellas down at Spanish Banks in celebration of our constantly rainy city. I greatly dislike rain but I must admit the concept created a very cute photo spot. Spencer and I bounced around everywhere trying to get clear shots of the installation all the while weaving in and out of joggers' paths. Worn here was my first Acne Studios piece that I recently purchased from fellow Canadians, Jonathan + Olivia! The spinal back detail and sheer panels coupled with the opaque one in front really got me excited. So much so that I'm almost considering version white as well. Remainder of outfit kept neutral with my murky mud coloured Wang skirt and stark white slip ons.


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