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sunlight baths.


J Brand 'Huston' leather top, Stone Cold Fox 'Fontaine' shorts, Prada clutch ]

[ Bling - House of Harlow earrings, Charles & Grace necklace, Herm├Ęs & Pandora bracelets, By Boe, Unearthen & vintage rings ]

Photos by Stevy Pyne

An eBay heavy outfit here since both these items seem to be sold out everywhere! I'm still in search for the matching leather shorts to this sublime J Brand tank to create the ultimate nude experience. That sounded a lot more suggestive than I meant it to but I innocently meant the combination of the two would create a killer look. I love that Stone Cold Fox had the brilliant idea of sewing delicate doilies to the sides of something basic & black, making for a surprisingly loveable pair of shorts. Anyway, draped in my everyday go-to jewelry, bathed in sunlight, and leaning awkwardly make for a very nice day in LA.


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