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90's nostalgia


[ H&M choker, Forever 21 tank top, Topshop shorts, McQ by Alexander McQueen creepers ]

Photos by Stevy Pyne

I just got back to LA from Hong Kong and to really 'America' things up for me we took to the batting cages and arcade games at Castle Park in Sherman Oaks. It was here that I discovered my hidden talent (or beginners luck) at skee-ball. The only thing better about the fact that I can now gloat about this is that the horrible 90's carpeting went so well with my equally dated 1998/99 outfit details. See spaghetti straps, athletic shorts, and chokers for more proof. Of course they've all been updated a little & my hair no longer carries those awful yet awesome butterfly clips but the same essence still remains. In addition I put on my new virgin white creepers reminiscent of Japanese uwabaki to really make it seem like high school again.


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