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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

average saturday.


[ Brandy Melville cropped sweater, Pencey skirt, thrifted Fortnum & Mason belt, Sergio Rossi 'Majuli' sandals ]

Photos by Stevy Pyne

I know Brandy Melville has been poppin' up on Instagram left, right, and centre but I have to talk about them on here too. Especially to credit the fact that all their pieces are super affordable as well as being super comfortable. The store in Vancouver is a tiny little gem on Granville and that theme seems to run parallel with their other ones as I saw in their Westwood one here in LA. I found this particular piece in the back corners where nobody seemed to be looking and as soon as I saw that the sleeve length was greatly disproportionate to the overall hem length, I knew I needed to buy it. Now I know it's July and it's summer in LA and I'm wearing a turtleneck and that mere fact garners such confused responses, but I quite enjoyed it. Sure my midriff was a little chilly but my neck and hands were nice & toasty while doing average Saturday night things like waiting for the valet to bring our car around or going backstage after the Bruno Mars gig.

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  1. Great outfit! xx

  2. i wish i could wear that. i would probably die in the heat with that top! envious right here. As always, you look gorgeous :)