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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

wrap, embellish & encase.

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[ Unearthen mini prism ring, Low Luv x Erin Wasson bone cage ring, Roberto Cavalli bangle, Topshop necklace, Céline iPhone case  ]

Photos by Stevy Pyne

Thought I'd do a post solely focusing on the pieces that have been wrapping my fingers, embellishing my neck & wrist, and encasing my iPhone: my bling. Nah, I'm saying that sarcastically and would much rather refer to them as what they really are. Although bling is just so much more fun to say than accessories! Anyway, yes. In chronological order for acquisition of pieces, I'd have to say that the Topshop necklace is the oldest one here. Bought while I was studying in the UK & first discovering that such a heaven as Topshop exists. Second from the line here would be my Cavalli bangle, which I believe I bought on sale at Netaporter. Then came the Low Luv ring from the cutest boutique here in Vancouver, Holly Boutique. My other beautiful ring was gifted to me by Stevy for Christmas after he heard me mention Unearthen once. And the latest addition to my accessories drawer is my ridiculously sexy holographic iPhone case by Céline purchased at Holt Renfrew as a birthday gift to myself. I love when everything I'm wearing comes from such a potpourri of places. Fashion stories.

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