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regal eagle.

[ Jeremy Scott x Adidas totem pole jacket, American Apparel dress, Bakers fringe boots ]
[ Bling: F21 sunnies and H&M choker ]

Photos by Spencer Varsek

Oh I absolutely love it when it's sunny in Vancouver!!! So much so that I used 3 exclamation marks - that's a lot. Anyway, with such a rarity of the aforementioned happening along with my wanting to doc this sick winged jacket I got a couple weeks back, Spencer (my new fab blogger buddy) and I went to Stanley Park to snap a few touristy photos in front of the totem poles. We managed to get a good amount of unblocked shots before the numerous tourist busses came rolling in, which was our cue to leave. On doing so, I kid you not, it seemed like the longest, most convoluted route out of a park. We questioned ourselves numerous times as to whether or not we had already passed the exit & were actually just driving around in circles.

Back to the jacket, along with coolness factor 10 of giving me wings, it is actually super warm & comfortable. Usually JScott's designs are quite wild & 'out there' but thought this totem pole design was the tamer one of his pieces thus allowing me to pull it off. I'll leave his extreme cutout track jackets for my girl Britney.


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