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Monday, 11 March 2013

movement at margiela.

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[ Stevy's biker jacket, my parents vintage MJ t-shirt, Wilfred Free 'Rebelle' leggings, Aldo creepers ]

Photos by Stevy Pyne

Rhetorical question coming up. How sick is this paillette wall?! I mean, whoa. Anything en masse really makes a statement but this Margiela wall makes two at once. The first obviously being that something as simple as a small paillette can make such an impact when multiplied by 1000. Second, the movement. I dare you to stand in front of the wall & just watch it all move in the wind. It's pretty satisfying. Not only are the masterminds at Margiela able to design such thought provoking & interesting pieces, but they've also created such conceptual stores for each location. I look forward to the times I visit their other ones.

Onto the outfit, I'd say this combo of leggings & a t-shirt has become ubiquitous in society so to keep things more lively, I spruced the outfit up with colour, specifically that of my leather leggings. I bought them solely due to their unique hue, which Aritiza has dubbed 'tyrian purple', and because the material is so soft to the touch. And the wine colour of the leggings really compliments the teal & yellow of the MJ t-shirt though, doesn't it? Although let's be real, anything goes well with a little Michael.


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  1. I love those leggings you look gorgeous!

  2. Love your outfit! very simple and urban