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wingardium leviosa.

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[ Alexander Wang bandage bra, Sandra GarcĂ­a levitation pants, AdR x H&M sunnies ]

Photos by Stevy Pyne

So we all have talented friends right? I mean they're all talented in some regard or another whether they be skilled at making you laugh or if they've got a black belt in shopping or if they're an awesome designer that can make sweet optical illusion pants or... this list could go on forever. Back to my levitating-like pants. Yeah, my beautiful friend Sandra designed them and here I am traipsing around Stevy's backyard trying (and failing) to give justice to them and their off-body effect with my subpar modelling skills. Maybe my talent is looking awkward in photos. Yeah I wouldn't disagree with that title. Although I'd prefer to be dubbed the Harry Potter fanatic(!!). 
(See appropriately fitting post title for further proof)


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